Beasts of no nation

Our men are broken – Oh

That’s what they are

Their minds scattered from the things they have seen

The beasts they have been


Our men are bleeding – Oh

Wounded, damaged, dying

In the city, in the mine, in the war

No family, no wife, no life

Sex and drugs be rife


The men of Africa scatter

They scatter and so does their sperm

Never belonging, they squirm

Leaving behind widows and sons

To fend and defend for many suns

Suns that burn

Suns that scorch their blackness

Rays that force sweat from their bowing brows


Bow, son of the soil

Bow, to that which is not your own

Follow on, why don’t you?

You are being led

To fields where fathers bled

To zones where sons fled

For this is your daily bread

Pray … slave … die …


Where do you belong, Asa?

Where are you from?

Who are you, Asa?

What do you know?


Prophet, Hero, Rebel, Martyr, Teacher, Visionary, Revolutionary

Sana lwam, Baba, Mfowethu, Ngwanake


Where are you, when your women need you most?

When your sons need you most?

When they rattle and burn

Shouting, chanting, cheating, beating


What have they done to you, Fela?

What have they fed you that poisons your mind?

That eats at your sanity

What have they done to your manhood

Why does it no-longer stand for justice


Even when chains no longer bind us

It is our pain which imprisons us

It binds us


Come home, Anikulapo

War is waging

The land once more is sick

Sick from taking in the blood of your own

The rains will not fall

The stains will not fade

Come home to your nation.


@2016 Tumelo Motaung All Rights Reserved

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